Charms (About)

It’s often said that poetry is the right words in the right order. The same can be said of spells. Numerous authors have drawn parallels between writing and magic in their work–we’re just exploring that relationship a little more literally. We want to hear the words from your heart that affect and shape the world–your writing, your spells. We don’t really see the difference.

The Ruby Spellbook owes thanks to days spent curled up with Lloyd Alexander novels, to Sailor Moon (yes, even the occasionally cheesy ’90s dubbed version), to Ren Faires in the summer, to The Hunger Games, to Super Mario Bros., to last-minute Sharpie-pen cosplay tattoos, and to many, many more stories of adventure and adventures inspired by stories. It also owes thanks to Cool Skull Press and CartridgeLit for taking awesome strides in the fusion of literature and geekery.

We are founded in the spirit of inclusion, collaboration, and fun.

Show us what you’ve got. We want to hear your spells.