Mages (Masthead)

Get to know the sorceresses behind The Ruby Spellbook.

Catherine Kyle
Otherworldly Bio: Catherine Kyle learned the healing arts from mermaids and still occasionally braids seaweed into her hair. She furthered her knowledge of magic at an academy buried in snow, where she tamed four griffins and learned to teleport. Still, she would like to pilot an airship someday. Most days, she climbs trees and paints their leaves.

Earth Bio: Catherine Kyle has a Ph.D. in English. She’s taught several classes on contemporary U.S. literature, including banned books, YA lit, and graphic novels. Her analysis of Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Final Fantasy X, Princess Knight, and other manga, anime, games, and comics can be found in Colloquy, The Culture-ist, Feminspire, Inkt|art, the anthology Heroines of Film and Television: Portrayals in Popular Culture, and elsewhere. Catherine is also the author and illustrator of the hybrid-genre collection Feral Domesticity (Robocup Press, 2014), the author of the poetry chapbooks Flotsam (Etched Press, 2015) and Gamer: A Role-Playing Poem (Dancing Girl Press, 2015), and a co-editor of Goddessmode: A Collection of Video Game Writing by Female and Non-Binary Artists (Cool Skull Press, 2015). Her comics, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in The Rumpus, Superstition Review, WomenArts Quarterly, and elsewhere. Currently, she helps run the Ghosts & Projectors poetry reading series, writes grants for a literary nonprofit, and teaches first-year college writing. She has cosplayed as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, a generic white mage from the Final Fantasy series, and Black Widow. Her lifelong dream is to one day cosplay as Cecilia from Wild Arms. You can read more about her at

Luna Petunia
luna snow
Otherworldly Bio: Luna is a warrior goddess who single-handedly (pawedly) saved the Verdant Valley of the North from a horde of demon spiders. At age two, she solved an unsolvable riddle and ascended the local throne, much to the jubilation of her subjects. Acceptable tribute includes carafes of cream and whole cooked sturgeons.

Earth Bio: Luna is a large cat from the Midwest who enjoys snow and moving vans.

Jackson Star
jackie faceplant
Otherworldly Bio: Jackson fell from a star as a kitten and was subsequently raised by genetically mutated but affectionate bats. A gentle and frequently misunderstood soul, she spends her time singing opera and fashioning hats out of found materials.

Earth Bio: Jackson is a small cat from the West Coast who enjoys cobwebs and everyday rebellion.